NextBuild is organized by a voluntary staff from different companies who have a strong belief that Software Development is pure craftsmanship! They believe in the fact that bringing people together in a fun and inspiring atmosphere brings out the best in people.

ralph_holdorpFor as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by technology. Starting with gaming on a Commodore Vic 20 and making small programs in Basic. After my studies, my hobby became my job as a software developer. After working many years in several different roles and several companies, currently I am working at Philips Research. Here we create prototypes and other software solutions that enable technical hypothesis validation. We are using the latest and greatest methodologies and technologies. In my job I have the pleasure of working with a lot of highly motivated, smart and knowledgable software craftsmen. The wish to get in contact with likeminded, sharing interest and knowledge on software was what initiated NextBuild. After a very successful first event, I am looking forward meeting the finest in the field and learning on the many interesting topics at NextBuild 2016. Personally I’m interested in Spring Boot and Spring Cloud.

10 years experience in recruitment & sales including several years in the software development area. Now responsible for the corporate recruitment, labor market communication, organising events and the account and fieldmanagement at Kabisa. Kabisa is based in Weert, Eindhoven and Amsterdam. Kabisa’s speciality is the development and management of business-critical web applications, both desktop and mobile. We have in-depth knowledge and experience in the design and implementation of complex integration concepts and utilize the best techniques and methodologies. We focus on full stack solutions and are therefore specialized in Ruby on Rails, Java, Python, functional programming as Elixir/Phoenix and frontend development like Javascript, React, Ember.js.

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jeannine van hoftenMore than 20 years’ experience in international marketing & sales in the Software Development arena. Now responsible for sales at HighTech ICT. HighTech ICT is work-based in the Eindhoven area and has delivered software services to the technical and business automation market in the southern part of the Netherlands. Our employees are currently servicing most of all innovative high-tech environments in this area. We combine high quality software services with an outstanding service level.

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Responsible for sales and business development for several companies in software development since 1994. Currently business development manager for Java consultancy companies JDriven and JCore, which are based in Nieuwegein and  help the top 250 clients in the Netherlands to build complex and stunning applications on the JVM and in the browser.

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Coen is one of the founding partners of IHomer. In 2009 a group of enthousiast software engineers started IHomer based on the experience that development of software is not bound to time or location, that they did not need someone to manage them and that the difference between usable en excellent software depended largely on craftsmanship. With a small change in our way of working and an approach based upon openness, transparency and equality we try to make a big difference for the IHomers, our partners and customers. It is on these values that we developed our “Homeshoring” service, a hybrid form of project outsourcing and co-development.

Before starting IHomer, Coen worked for Volker Wessels Telecom as CTO and LogicaCMG where he started as consultant and held different managerial positions. Coen graduated at the Rijksuniversiteit and the Hanzehogeschool Polytechnic in Groningen.

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Afpatrickter being a programmer, team leader, project leader and architect, I’m currently refining my testing skills as a test architect. In addition, I act as health coach to support our teams in Philips Research to become more agile. Next to my work, I enjoy doing a lot of sports and last but – for sure – not least, I do have a family and a house that also need my attention.


I have more than 15 years experience as a software architect in various domains with a strong focus on product development and quality and work as a system architect within the Iot Application Creation group of Signify Research in Eindhoven. Currently, I am particularly interested in agile/lean system development, behavior-driven development, and nodejs.

I am living in Oostelbeers with my wife and two kids (9, 13). In my free time, I like to work on the Omnipuzzel 2.0 project, do geocaching, and play volleyball.


2010_vakantie_corsica_336Marco likes to do nice innovative technical stuff, he operates in roles like developer/architect and scrummaster. He is passionate about new technology in the fields of programming languages, frameworks and devops. Currently he works at Philips Research having fun with Groovy/Grails, Spring Boot, CQRS, Docker, Internet Of Things and some nice Amazon Cloud Stuff.


patrick_rademakersAt the age of 10 someone showed me how I could “fix” a computer game by changing code. Looking backward a life-changing moment: I have been hooked on coding ever since. I’ve done it all, from simple games to low level inter-process and inter-processor memory management, from tweaking VM’s and improving zap time for settop boxes to back/front end solutions in grails and javascript.

I look at anything as a puzzle and the more complex, the more people say it is impossible, the more interesting it becomes. The last five years my puzzles have gradually gone beyond coding and software architecture, taking on sales and delivery, running a company, coaching, lobbying and helping others to grow. Last year I’ve “come home” to Philips in search of a fresh challenge. With the projects, the separation of Philips Lighting and Healthcare and the organizational changes that ensue, there are plenty of puzzles to sink my teeth in.

Last year I visited the NextBuild and liked the informal and non-commercial approach to such an event so much that I immediately asked to be part of the team organizing the next Nextbuild, and here I am 🙂

Niek is working for more than 10 years in various function in IT he did a lot of open source based development, had architecture roles, setup continuous delivery for several projects and made several trainings and workshops. Currently he is working as Software Architect for Philips Research on rapid prototyping and using dozen of modern technologies like AWS, Terraform, Spring Cloud, React, React Native, GitLabCi, Docker, Elastic Search and much more.



Former Team Members

Working for 15 years at Philips as Software Verification engineer. Different departments of Philips Healthcare, last Two years at Philips research for Lighting project. I have a passion for improvement and using models to understand and communicate knowledge. I have a girlfriend and 3 kids (age 5-10-13) and live in Helmond.