Nikola Yovchev

I have started my programming career in 2009, since then have seen it all: I have been a developer, devops, tech lead, architect, manager, head of a team, head of a department. I helped making a startup of 3 people (me being the third) grow to become the 100+ people that Relay42 is nowadays. During all this time I had never stopped being in touch with what’s on in terms of anything tech.

I am also an avid user and lover of open source. While not actively contributing, over the years I have had some small commits in Netflix’s Astyanax (cassandra client), Spring, Spring boot, AWS S3 Java client, AWS Kinesis Java client, etc. You can find me on github at: or read my desperately needing an update blog at or on Stackoverflow:

if I would to summarize what is the most important quality for any engineer, it’s the openness to test out and experiment with new ideas, domains and concepts and the desire to tinker and improve till perfection.

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