Hubert Klein Ikkink

Hubert Klein Ikkink is also known as mrhaki. He uses his alias to write on his blog “Messages from mrhaki” ( On this blog he writes short tips and tricks about Groovy, Grails, Gradle, Spock, Spring and Asciidoctor. Hubert started to develop Java applications more than two decades ago. Ten years ago he started to explore Groovy and Grails in personal projects, because of the dynamic nature of Groovy and the speed of development. Today he works with Java and Groovy during his daytime job at JDriven in the Netherlands.

He also wrote books on Gradle published at Packt Publishing and spoke at different conferences like Gr8Conf in Copenhagen and Minneapolis, Greach in Madrid, JavaLand in Germany, JBCNConf in Barcelona and JFall in the Netherlands.


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