UXSpec: Using Task Models to support Model Based Testing

Formal methods and testing are two important approaches that assist in the development of high quality software. For long time these approaches have been seen as competitors and there was very
little interaction between the two communities. In recent years a new consensus has developed in which they are seen as more complementary. In this report we present an innovative test automation approach based on the Task Models and the Microsoft Spec Explorer Model Based Testing(MBT) tool to improve your development team. The Task model is based on the Concur Task Trees (CTT) notation, which is intended as a basis for interchange of high level user interface task models. High level task models enable designers to focus on the overall flow of a user interface without becoming distracted by the details by which the user interface is presented on different platforms and modes of interaction.

We have developed a tool that allows us to convert task models to Spec Explorer, allowing us to do functional testing of full coverage with almost free modeling effort because of usage of already existing UX modeling effort. We demonstrate this by applying our approach to an industrial-size case study.

Session Level: Advanced

Location: Room 4 Date: 16/04/2016 Time: 12:00 - 12:30 Rachid Kherrazi