Service Discovery in a Microservice Architecture using Consul

Using a microservice architecture makes it easier to create standalone components that can evolve independently from one another. One aspect that is often overlooked in such an architecture is how services and components can find out about each other and components such as message brokers and databases.

In this talk we’ll show how you can accomplish service discovery, detect healthy components and handle service registration in an easy non-intrusive way using Consul. The examples in the session use Docker but the principles shown here apply can just as easy apply to containerised environments.

The main subjects in this talks are:

  • What is needed for service discovery.
  • What is Consul and what does it provide.
  • Service registration and health checking
  • Service discovery using DNS
  • Service discovery using REST API
  • Advanced routing and transparent failover with HAProxy and Consul Template

This talk will be a very practical oriented talk which shows all the concepts using Docker based examples. No real knowledge of docker is required beforehand, but a general idea of what Docker is, will come in handy. The level isn’t really beginner, but also not really that advanced. More of an intermediate level.

Session Level: Beginner

Location: Room 1 Date: 16/04/2016 Time: 14:15 - 14:45 Jos Dirksen