Predictable Frontend State Management with Redux

As a Single Page Application (SPA) frontend grows in complexity, it will also become harder to reason about model changes and the exact state. Even if you’ve sworn off two-way binding (which you should), tracing back what caused a certain state change can be quite hard. Also because, typically, state is scattered all over the place in a typical front-end application. During the talk we will first explain how state management is traditionally done.

Then Redux, a framework agnostic predictable state container, is brought into the mix. We will explain the basics of Redux, and why it makes state management much more traceable and predictable developing large scale enterprise web apps using frameworks like Angular 2+ or React. Finally, we also go into (and quickly demo) some off the extra benefits of Redux during development (e.g. hot reloading) and production (e.g. time travelling, auditing, seamless server-side pre-rendering).

Location: Room 3 Date: 20/05/2017 Time: 11:10 - 11:40 Emil van Galen