Keep it simple, Stupid!

Within the Jumbo Tech Campus, we are responsible for the software that supports the online business of Jumbo. And, as most people know, E-commerce is booming, and therefore our business is growing fast.

And when your business is growing fast in E-commerce, it means everything is growing fast: the amount of customers on our webshop grows, the amount of orders grows, luckily the revenue of Jumbo grows and also our team is growing. This makes that we have a lot of reasons to make sure we can release and innovate faster, and that’s exactly what we are doing.

We have a webshop and an app, together we sell through these channels the same as more or less 20 supermarkets daily. During our talk we’ll tell you about our journey with the webshop to move from a pretty much waterfall way of working towards being able to release daily. What it brings us, what we’ve learned and why you really want to make things small.

Within Jumbo we like to be practical and helpful, everyday better. So that’s what you can expect from our talk too.

Location: Room 1 Date: 29/09/2018 Time: 09:35 - 10:25 Yassine Elouazzani Anneke Keller