Getting real time insights of your backoffice without programming?

This talk is all about wanting to know everything. At Jexia we are going to offer advanced back-end hosting for developers at large scale. Since we are using Mongo, Redis, nodejs, AngularJS front-ends and a lot of custom created functionality creating good real time functional monitoring is a bit of a challenge.

In this talk we share our architecture, design and implementation considerations and challenges we met when creating this backoffice monitoring functionality. Of course we tried first to create functional dashboards ourselves. But then we tried Elasticsearch. Yes this is open source. It has manuals and people worldwide are using it. But not all steps from design, implementation, configuration and using it appeared to be trivial. Elasticsearch comes with a lot of products around like Filebeat, Logstash and on somepoint in time we did a good evaluation on this stack. So our next steps? We will share our experience with you and we like to hear your thoughts on maybe better solutions.

This talk is for people who are thinking of using Elasticsearch with Kibana or developers who want to learn what this ELK stack is all about.

Session Level: Beginner

Location: Room 1 Date: 16/04/2016 Time: 11:15 - 11:45 Maikel Mardjan