Full infrastructure as code and CI/CD using AWS Elastic Container Service, who needs Kubernetes?

At the vereniging COIN we created a central access point in AWS as a platform for all of their services. The platform is full infrastructure-as-code with CI/CD pipelines for both the infrastructure and applications. If you are interested in a cloud landing zone for your project, I will show you how you can setup up a Full CI/CD pipeline within a few days using AWS.

The main components of the platform and pipeline GitLab, AWS CloudFormation, Docker, AWS ECS/ECR, AWS Parameter Store, Auth0 and Kong API Gateway, We created AWS Custom Providers to bridge the world between AWS and non-AWS components. We make extensive use of the Parameter Store to ensure secure and confidential handling of secrets. In this talk we will explain the different design decisions and show you code snippets where appropriate.

If you are about to start on your journey into AWS, you will get a head start in setting up your CI/CD pipelines. If you are already running in AWS, you may be able to improve the security and level of automation of your deployment pipelines.

Location: Room 3 Date: 29/09/2018 Time: 11:15 - 11:45 Mark van Holsteijn