Everyday productive with monorepos

Monorepos are both new and old at the same time. Many never heard about them, some heard about them but never used them really, and some tried them hard, abandoned, and got back to them again.Monorepos have a huge impact on how you work with your code. If done well, they can boost your productivity by encouraging code sharing and reuse. But starting with monorepos involves a number of challenges as well and in this talk we want to give you some hints and practical advice on how to get around more and less common problems.In particular we will look on how to setup and manage a monorepo with lerna, yarn workspaces, Babel 7, Rollup/Webpack, React app created with create-react-app tool, a landing page built with Gatsby, and jest testing.We marked this talk as advanced, but even if you never heard about monorepos you will still be able to understand their advantages (and disadvantages).

Location: Room 4 Date: 29/09/2018 Time: 11:15 - 11:45 Marcin Czenko