Building Asynchronous and Non-Blocking HTTP Applications with Ratpack

Ratpack is a library to write asynchronous and non-blocking HTTP applications. The library is written in Java 8 and we can implement the application code in Java 8 or Groovy. The HTTP IO handling is implemented with Netty, which means that a lot of requests can be handled without a lot of memory needed by the application.

This makes Ratpack HTTP applications ideal for writing RESTful micro services and for deploying to cloud services where we need to pay for memory requirements. In this talk we will learn what Ratpack is and what the architecture looks like. We will see a lot of code samples showing how to write an application in Ratpack using both Java 8 and Groovy.

Location: Room 1 Date: 20/05/2017 Time: 10:30 - 11:00 Hubert Klein Ikkink