Privacy Policy

When you register for our NextBuild Conference we ask you for some personal details. In this statement we describe our privacy policy, which is according to the rules of the GPDR legislation. The NextBuild organisation is responsible for the processing of your personal information submitted at our website. If you have any questions about this statement, do not hesitate to contact us at

Security of your privacy

The security of your privacy and personal information is utmost important to us. We ensure your information is safe with us, and protect it against abuse and use by non-authorised parties. We save your personal information only for the usage of our NextBuild conferences.

Right of complaint

If you have any complaints about our process of how we handle your privacy and personal data, please do contact us at

NextBuild and your personal information

We use your personal information for our NextBuild conferences; to confirm your registration for the event, for our newsletters, for re-registration of the event , for a personal badge during the event and visitor registration during the event.

For those who submit a paper at our call for papers, we use your personal information for: to confirm the receipt of your paper, to inform you about our selection process and final selection of paper, to publish your name and information and a personal picture on our website.

We collect the following personal information:

  • Your name and surname
  • Your email address
  • Cell Phone
  • Your home address
  • Country you live
  • Your Job title
  • Company you work for
  • Lunch Preferences

In case of a paper submitted:

  • Your name and surname
  • The organization your work for
  • A brief description about who you are
  • Personal picture

How do we collect your personal information

We collect and process your personal information once you register at our website. This could be for submitting a paper at our call for papers. Or for registration to attend our conference. For the registration to attend the conference we use the EvenBrite website tool to manage the registration.

Process of your information

Your personal information is only accessible for the NextBuild organisation and is protected by user logins. We do not sell your personal information to 3rd parties for commercial purpose. Your information is only used for the NextBuild conference and its activities.

Photos and video recording

During the NextBuild Conference photos will be taken and a video impression will be recorded for the purpose of reporting . It is possible you will be in our photos or in our video impression that will be displayed and published during and after the event.

Right of inspection/retification/ removal of your personal information

You may use your right of inspection when you have registered your personal information at our website, and see which information we store in our systems. If your personal information is incorrect, or if you want us to remove your personal information, please do contact us in all cases at

Updated August 27th 2018